Nail Art with Revlon Neon


When I first saw Revlon Neon in CVS, I knew I had to have it. This double sided brush just screams nail art! I opted for a chevron style mani, which I shaped using scotch tape.

Get the look:

You’ll need a base coat, top coat, any revlon neon nail art set, and scotch or masking tape.


Step 1. After applying your base coat, use the white brush to completely paint your nails.


Step 2. Once the white polish is completely dry, cut off small pieces of tape. Then, put 2 pieces of tape over your first nail, forming an upside down triangle shape, and apply the neon nail polish.


I find taping one nail at a time makes it easier to get the shape right.


Ultimately, I found this nail polish fun and easy to use. I can’t wait to try out more designs!



One thought on “Nail Art with Revlon Neon

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