Outline Nails, From the Runway to My Fingertips

When I worked as a street photographer at New York Fashion Week Fall 2014, my job may have been to photograph stylish outfits, but I often found my eye gravitating towards trendy accessories and manicures. This look, the outline nail, is one I’ve been dying to try since it hit the runway.

The inspiration: Deborah Lippmann for Band Of Outsiders

outline deborah lippmann for band of outsiderWhile the Fall 2014 runway featured more subtle nail art, I’m not quite ready to give up my bold manicures just yet. I swapped Deborah Lippmann’s color choices for a black outline and lilac polish. By mixing pastels and black, my look transitions from the end of winter to spring.

My way:


Outline #mani + stackable rings

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Get the look:

1. Apply a base coat and paint your nails a pastel color, how you normally would.

2. Use a thin brush or nail art pen in black to trace the outline of your nails. This requires concentration and a steady hand. I would recommend leaning on a surface like a table. Deborah Lippmann created her look by turning the nail while she painted, but I did each side of the nail separately since I have a bit of a shakey hand.

Suggested: Sephora Nail Art Collection

3. Put nail polish remover on a q-tip to clean up any excess black lines.




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