Another Take on the Outline Mani

Are you ready for my most subtle nail art yet?

Another take on the outline #mani ๐Ÿ’…

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Forget Your Basic French With Glitter Tips

I’ve been adding glitter to the tips of my nails for an extra dose of sparkle for some time now. However, I recently discovered a new way to upgrade the look.

The Inspiration: Cosmo’s Glitter Nail Tutorial

Cosmo’s how-to featured nude nails with piles of glitter. While I felt the tutorial was a bit specific to using certain types of glitter, my main takeaway was how to layer different glitter polishes.

My Way:

White #mani with gold & #glitter tips ๐Ÿ’… #nailart

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Instead of leaving my nails nude, I chose an off-white polish that I’d normally reserve for when I’m a bit tanner. However, adding glitter to the white gave it a more springtime feel.

Get the look:

1. After applying your base coat (always apply base coat!), paint a white coat of polish on your nail. I used Nicole by OPI’s sweet surrender. Let it dry.

2. Use a gold polish to paint a stroke across the tip of your nail. It should be about the width of the brush itself. Don’t worry about it being straight, the glitter (step 3!) will cover up a messy line. I used Sephora by OPI’s worth my weight.

3. For this step, you’ll need a clear based polish with loose glitter inside, like Essie’s jazzy jubilant. You need to get as much of the glitter on your brush as possible and paint it over the gold line you made.

4. Paint a topcoat on and prepare for compliments!


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Mani Moment: InstaMani


Today, I finally tried out a nail trend I usually stay away from, nail stickers! I received the chevron glitter stickers as a free sample while I was in Las Vegas (no brand name on the packaging!) and saved them for a day when I didn’t have time to draw my own design. The sample only came with one sticker, but I cut it in half to make it fit on both of my “statement nails.” Luckily, both sides were rounded. I paired the chevron print with a deep magenta color, perfect for transitioning to fall.