The Artsy Way to Graduate

If there’s one thing I was sure of when it came time for my graduation from Boston University, it was that if I was going to do this, it would be in style. So, I prepared for my big day with 2 perfect dresses (yes, for 2 days of graduation), like usual. However, luckily for this accessories addict, graduation dressing is all about the cap. What a first might seem like a beauty horror (CC: not being able to wear your hair however you want) actually turned out in my favor. I might not have gone to art school, but I took this chance to declare my honorary BFA while receiving my BS in journalism. I painted a NYC skyline in my 2 favorite colors with #DreamBig on the side. This design is all about what I plan on doing next–dreaming big in the big city.

Didn't forget to hashtag #DreamBig 🎓🌃🗽

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Ultimately, I think I achieved my goal of standing out because BU photographed my cap for their graduation album! If you’re trying to decide on the perfect graduation cap design, think about what you want it to represent. Graduation is all about celebrating the past and looking towards the future, so it’s the perfect opportunity to really tell your story. Have fun and get creative!

#Graduation day one and done 🎓 #BUCOM2014

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Sally Hansen Makes Nail Art Even Easier

I ♥ Nail ArtConfession: Although I’ve been drawing fun designs on my nails for years, I’ve never used a nail art pen. Instead, I usually end up with a makeshift pencil dipped in polish to complete my looks. So, when I saw Sally Hansen’s new I Heart Nail Art line, I knew I had to try it.

I used the white pen to make flower petals on my nail for a springy vibe. Overall, I found it easy to use as long as you wait for your base coat to fully dry. When I first started my design, it was a little messy, but I was able to wipe off the white without messing up my bottom polish with a wet cotton ball. You also have to make sure to shake the pen well before using it.

Get the look: I Heart Nail Art Pens